What a Great weekend….I got a very late start on my Spring cleaning and uncovered things I had forgotten about along with some things I should have gotten rid of years ago, (but that is an entirely different story).  Better late than never I guess!

Among the lost treasures I uncovered on my desk were a few books full of  helpful information for Single Moms that I found while doing research for my book.  Since I had such a difficult time finding books for Single Moms on local bookstore shelves I spent weeks searching the internet for them.  I was disappointed that there were so few to choose from and surprised at the varied range of topics they covered.  From how to get back into the dating world to how to discipline your children, the concept of these books was very different from mine, but informative none the less.

My search for these books also led me to a wonderful & affordable website to purchase books from which I continue to use to this day,  I recommend that you check them out whenever you are in the market for a new or used book, they usually have the best prices.

Though I’m sure there are stacks of books that didn’t find their way to my desk, the following, in no particular order, are a few that I found helpful and inspiring information in.  I recommend then highly.

Single Mom’s Little Book  of Wisdom – Cassandra Mack (2006,2007)

Survival of a Single Mom – Catherine Green (2209)

Life As A single Mom: It Itsn’t Easy, Or Is it? – Stephanie M. Clark (2007)

The Successful Single Mom – Honoree Corpron (2009)

From One Single Mother to Another – Sandra P. Aldrich (2205, 1991)

The Single Mother’s Survival Guide – Patrice Karst (2000)

The Complete Single Mother – Andrea Engber and Leah Klungness, PhD. (2006 Third Edition)

Chicken Soup for the Single Parent’s Soul – Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Laurie Hartman & Nancy Vogl

Though not everything in each book will be applicable to your situation, hopefully you will find some helpful tid-bits & inspiration that you can use.  And once you are finished reading them you can pass them on to another Single Mom in your Circle so she too can gather helpful information.


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