Glennon – A Lady of Purpose, Energy & Truth

I am still reeling from the blast of inspiration & energy I got from attending an Evening with Glennon Doyle Melton last night in Pasadena, CA at the All Saints Church.   It was a Wonderful venue & such an Amazing night.

A friend and I drove up from San Diego on what was supposed to be a 2 hour 10 minute drive, according to Google maps, and found ourselves a bit detoured (lost) on the way up, which allowed us to see many parts of Northern California that I didn’t even know existed, but we still managed to arrive there in time for the event.  The drive home was quite an adventure as we missed a merge & ended up smack dab in the middle of the exiting crowds at Dodger Stadium after game 4 of the playoffs where the Dodgers apparently pulled off a last minute win- so you can imagine what kind of crowd we were stuck in for over 30 minutes while trying to find our way back to the freeway- Whew!  it was a long night, but so totally worth it..  Darn I got side tracked, sorry…….  🙂

If by chance you live under a rock or on the moon and haven’t heard of Glennon, let me educate you.   She is the creator of  & the Author of the New York Times Best Selling book, “Carry On, Warrior – Thoughts on Life Unarmed”.   And if you aren’t familiar with her story & all of the phenomenal work she is doing in the world you best get on over to her website & check it out!  Go, go on  – Run don’t walk!!!

She is authentic, real & speaks to an audience as if they are all old friends.  Even last night as we all sat there in awe, just waiting for her next words, we didn’t feel like we were in a room full of strangers at all.  We all felt connected because of Glennon & it was such an empowering feeling.

Check the events section of her website & see if she is coming to your area soon.  I highly recommend that you go & see her should you have the chance.  Even if it means embarking on an adventure like we did.   I promise that she will touch your life too.  Her book makes a wonderful gift for anyone in your life.   It is like a hard-covered, brightly colored blessing filled with the words of a perfectly, imperfect person that you come to respect, admire & relate to.

It was such a blessing to be in the presence of a being who is spreading hope, joy & love in the world by being brave enough to Live out loud and share her story & struggles so others won’t feel alone.  The Power of One with the passion to help, has affected the lives of many.

Keep up the good work Glennon.   We shall all Carry on because of you!

Love & Light to you all & take good care of yourself…….  Torie



So very nice to meet her!

So very nice to meet her!


She is a Super good hugger!

She is a Super good hugger!

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