Leah Klungness, Ph.D. – An Amazing Single Mom Resource

Whether or not you’ve had a chance yet to check out any of my Recommended Reads for Single Moms, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to one of the coauthors of the book, The Complete Single Mother, who has been doing incredible work for Single Moms and all Single Parents for many years.

Leah Klungness, Ph.D., is a psychologist and recognized authority on single parenting and relationship issues. Dr. Leah is the co-founder of Singlemommyhood, an engaging and thriving “neighborhood” for parents looking for inspiration, encouragement, and frank advice. She is also the coauthor of the award winning book The Complete Single Mother: Third Edition, which is the only comprehensive and best selling self-help book ever written for single parents.

Dr. Leah’s expertise comes from her personal experiences as a single parent, as well as her training and experience as a psychologist and elementary school teacher. She earned her doctorate and license as a psychologist while single parenting her two young children. She has been quoted in major national magazines, newspapers, and online media including Parenting, Redbook, Working Mother, the Ladies Home Journal, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Newsday, Huffington Post, CNN and Parenting.com and has appeared on Good Morning America and other national TV and radio talk shows.

You can also catch some of her appearances on YouTube.  It is worth it for you to visit her website, www.justaskdrleah.com, as you will always find resources, great advice and a community of parents who understand what you are going through.

Dr. Leah is the real deal and she knows what she is talking about.  Take some time and read through her website.  I know that you will find useful information to enhance and improve your Single Mom Journey.

Take good care and remember that you are doing an Amazing job with your family!  You are strong and blessed.  Keep up the good work…

Cyber hugs all around, Torie

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