It’s finally here…. The kids are out of school, the air smells like pool cleaning chemicals mixed with sun tan lotion & the sun seems hotter than ever before… It’s Summer!

So the only question now is, What are you going to do every day to keep your kids entertained?  It’s expensive to send them away to Summer Camp, (though it is fun to dream about) even Summer School doesn’t last for the entire summer break & if you don’t have a yard to let them run amuck in to keep them out from under your feet what are your options and more importantly, how can you find local activities that are affordable to keep them busy?

Well as usual I don’t have all of the answers, but I do have one option that you might find appealing….  How about a day at the movies?  Now before you react just hear me out.  Many local movie theaters have affordable offers that they may not advertise on a large scale but would be worth checking in to.  For instance some offer what they call “Crybaby Matinees” on a select afternoon during the week.  The costs vary but the purpose is to encourage Moms with small children to venture out to see that movie they’ve wanted to see on the big screen, while their school age kids are- well -in school.  That way they don’t always have to wait until it is released for home viewing.  The theater even provides a changing table & a stroller valet for convenience.  You & the Moms in your Village can spend an afternoon enjoying the outing while not stressing about people shushing your kids while giving you dirty looks.  Plus you are in a comfortable air-conditioned environment.  It’s a win/win situation!

Here in San Diego in June, July & August, the Reading Cinemas offer what they call the “Reel Kids Summer Movie Series”.  Two days a week on select days they bring some of the past favorite family movies back to the big screen and admission is only $1.00!  How’s that for affordable?

Check with your local movie theaters to see what they are offering this summer and call your Mommy gal pals, cause it’s time to go to the movies!

I don’t know anyone these days who isn’t on a strict budget which can make everything stressful and limit any activities, so simple things like hanging out together at a movie may seem small but as long as you are enjoying yourself  while hanging out with your kids  & friends, then you are making memories together.

Granted it would be nice to have enough money to jet off to one of those amusement parks in Florida for a week of fun so your kids can thrill ride themselves into nausea, and someday you will be able to do just that, but for now if you can get creative you should be able to find activities close to home that will give your children all of the fun and summer adventures they are looking for.

Go on~give it a try.  Team up with other Single Mom friends and map out the best Summer Stay-cation ever.  You have the internet at your fingertips, search for the low cost & free activities that your City offers and plan a day or weekend around all of the locations.  Add a scavenger hunt for the kids so they can stay alert,  & learn something along the way, you can even end the hunt with a sleep out on your porch or in your yard.  City camping without the critters is the best way to camp!  If you want to teach your kids about budgeting, allow them to be a part of the planning process and make sure to say yes to a few of their crazy ideas.  They will love sharing in part of the “control”.

So that is my 2 cents worth, maybe it can get you started.  I’m sure that all of you are much more creative them I am so let me know how your ideas turn out because I’d love to share them with others.

Also remember to drink lots of water in the heat, use that sunscreen daily and make sure you not only hug your kids often & tell them how much they are loved,  but laugh with them too.  Laugh until your sides hurt & milk comes out of your nose!  Daily laughter creates some of the best memories ever & it costs nothing but your time….

As always I remind you to be proud of the job you are doing raising your family.  You are strong, amazing & blessed.  I send you Love & Light….

Until next time, I remain abundantly grateful…….   Torie B.

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