About Karen Mendez

“Bringing Financial Rationality to Irrational Situations So You Can Start Over Smart”

Divorce – Widowhood Financial Planning

Personal experience made Karen realize all marriages end due to divorce or death and she decided to help others prepare for either outcome by doing financial planning for divorce and widowhood.  She is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, dedicated to providing financial stability, hope and a clear way forward.  She wants clients to start over smart and she helps them use their money to create happiness in their lives despite divorce or widowhood.   Her philosophy is that while such experiences can be debilitating if clients focus on how to best use their resources they can realize although life is different than it was before; it can be better.

Following her divorce and the loss of her father shortly after, Karen became unmoored from the life she knew and was now in a circumstance that created uncertainty.  Clarity came when she saw “Sliding Doors” with Gwyneth Paltrow where a woman gets fired from her job and heads home on the subway.  As she reaches the subway doors the movie takes two different turns; in one scenario she makes the train and in the other she misses it.  Her life ends up changing drastically as a result of one change of event.  It dawned on Karen that this is true in life and she could create hope and opportunity out of disappointment and despair by realizing how important decisions can be and all of the choices she had.

Karen helps attorneys; mediators, individuals and couples, navigate through the financial morass of divorce and widowhood.  Her expertise lies in understanding the special tax and financial issues that can plague divorce and she works to help clients get their financial fair share and equitable settlements.  She provides financial analysis, projections and strategies so clients can make appropriate decisions.  Karen strives to help clients avoid long-term regret over decisions made early on in divorce and widowhood and she helps assure they make the right decisions to be financially secure in the new phase of their life.

Karen is UCLA educated and attributes her success to turning fear and uncertainty into hope and clarity; controlling what can be controlled; understanding that change allows for opportunities that did not exist earlier and that she would rather be happy than right.

Karen offers a range of financial, investment and insurance services that address clients’ complete financial picture and long-term needs before, during and after marriage.

She is currently writing a book entitled, “To Have and To Hold Onto Your Financial Fair Share:  Financial Decision Making When Marriage Ends in Divorce or Death.”